How to make a training?

Making a training

You can make an e-learning module as follows:

  • Log in to your academy.
    click Editor in the menu

  • You are now automaically directed to management ennvironment.
  • click  Add new course
  • Start making a course and click Save and publish
  • To add a first chapter click Chapters in the menu
    • At the bottom of the chapter, indicate which course it is linked to

Adjust chapter, part or a test

You can change course material in the following way:

  • Open the lesson component at the front.
  • Click Menu on the left (three lines)
  • Click Editor
  • Make the desired adjustments in the editor
  • Click Save and publish

Always remember about the blue button :)


Adjust training structure

If you want to link existing curriculum to an e-learning module, change the order of the curriculum or adjust the hierarchy (for example, make a chapter a paragraph), open the Course structure

  • Open the course that you would like to move to the front
  • Click Editor in the menu 
  • Click the Course structure 
  • Drag the learning material to the right place and/or add extra existing learning material.