How can I use Google's images in procademy?

You may only use an image in your e-learning module if you have permission from the owner or if the image is free for commercial use. If you have (written) permission from the owner you are usually also obliged to apply the source. As a rule of thumb, you can maintain that you can not use images that you download from the internet in the e-learning module. You do not know for sure whether the image is free for commercial use.

Cannot download and post an image?
You can, of course, use your own photo material. But using photo material from others is not possible. This can lead to a claim in which you have to pay a fee for making the photo material public.

How can you use an external image in procademy?
You can, in principle, use an image that you find on Google if you do it the right way.

Go to the image in Google and click on "Visit page". So you have to visit the website that contains the image. If you are on the website where the image is, click the right mouse button on the image and then Copy Image Adress or Copy image URL.

If you are going to insert an image in Procademy, go to Add Media (top left of the editor) and then click on Insert URL (bottom left) in the menu, then paste the URL of the image and then insert. The image must still be loaded after the insertion via the original website and should therefore not be on a procademy server.

In this way, according to current jurisprudence, it does not count as a new disclosure, so you do not infringe on its potential rights. PLEASE NOTE: this may change in the future and you are always responsible for the content you place in procademy. No rights can be derived from this article.